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Application Formatting
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1st Sep 2014

Hey there!  mista_worldwide, the owner here!  I would like you to use this for your applications.  Do not reply to this but make new thread.

IGN: (In Game Name)

Age: (For Helper, you have to be 14+)

Skype: (Required)

What position are you applying for? (Helper, Builder, or Youtuber)

Have you ever been banned from a server? Explain IN DETAIL what happened.

How many hours a day can you be on?

Have you been staff on other servers?

Maturity Level: (scale of one to ten)

How long have you been playing on this server?

Extra INFO:

If you are applying for YouTuber, how many subscribers do you have? (You must have at least 100 to apply)

What is your YouTube name, if you are appying for YouTuber?

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Forum » Forums » Applications
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