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Hello, people of MistaCraftPvP!
Hello guys!  It's mista_worldwide, the owner and founder of Applications are currently open.  I have selected people to help build the spawn area, PvP arena, etc.  These people are:

1.  mista_worldwide|Owner| (assistant coder) (FTP access)
2.   EnhancedDusk|Co-Owner| (coder) (FTP access)
3.  GameFreeze|HeadAdmin|
5.  FrostyyPvP|HeadMod|
6.  Coolness_01|Mod|
7.   s partans_rule|HeadBuilder|

If you have any questions regarding Staff Applications, Ban Reports, Ban Appeals, or anything else having to do with the server, just contact me through Skype, (mista_worldwide) InGame, (/msg mista_worldwide) or write on my wall on my page.

Thank you for checking in, and have a nice day!

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